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My name is Kristi and I officially began work on Hedgewitch Webshop in 2017. However, due to many unforseen delays and life-changing circumstances, the webshop did not make it live as soon as I had hoped. Still, here we are in 2019, settled in and ready for action!

I have been a practicing Hedgewitch since 2012, but up until that point, I had already spent most of my life soul-searching and exploring many diverse traditional and ancient crafts and spiritualities. I have been an avid tarot and oracle card reader since 2003, and I have a deep spiritual background in Celtic and Norse Paganism as well as Native American Animism. Previously I was also a member of a Druid order, and although being a member gave me great comfort and support in my early practice, I did feel that I was looking to follow a more solitary path. And so with great gratitude for the knowledge I obtained from the order, we parted ways and I began my enriching solitary journey towards Hedgewitchery.

I began my Hedgewitch exploration first through in-depth study relating to traditional witchcraft and the cunning folk of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and Britain. It was through traditional witchcraft and the cunning folk that I also ended up uncovering a very interesting connection with the witchcraft and my maternal ancestral roots. My first British grandmother to make her home in the New World was known as a healer in her community, and was especially apt at caring for the sick. It is said that she “bathed and massaged, used roots and herbs, and invoked the blessings of the Lord on her patients”. Not only does the description of her practice sound very familiar to that of someone well-versed in wortcunning and perhaps even a bit of old world shamanic healing, another interesting aspect of her life was that 30 years before the Salem Witch Trials, she was accused of witchcraft. She fought tooth and nail against these charges, and fortunately with the help of her supportive community, and her amazing willpower and strength, she was later acquitted, and the case was dismissed! At any rate, digging up this well-documented story about one of my maternal ancestors really helped me along on my path. In a way, I felt it only right to follow in my grandmother’s footsteps, and to practice without fear! Her story of strength in the face of adversity solidified my interest in Hedgewitchery, and it even inspired me to become a certified herbalist and to later begin practicing hedge-riding, journeying to the spirit world, in order to assist and heal others.

Still, what a winding road we travel, for nowadays, when I am not hedge-riding, wortcunning, and divining, you can find me embracing my Native American roots by way of traditional medicine healing studies. After years of hedge-riding in the way of maternal ancestors, it only feels right to now verse msyelf in the sacred and traditional ways of my paternal ancestors.

So that’s all there really is to your resident Hedgewitch!

I am very pleased you made it to Hedgewitch Webshop! I sincerely hope you enjoy what you see here, and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Bright blessings & may we give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way,

Hedgewitch Webshop

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