Nature Spirits – Native American Wierookstokjes



Nature Spirits – Native American Wierookstokjes

Medicine Wheel Nature Spirits wierookstokjes zijn samengesteld uit de beste natuurlijke kruiden, harsen en houtextracten uit Noord-Amerika.

Ze bevatten geen koolwaterstoffen en petroleumdestillaten.

Allemaal natuurlijk en handgemaakt.

Wild Prairie Rose

Wild Prairie Rose is the flower of love. It can help us to express love and to create a loving atmosphere. This smell also connects in some way to our unconscious, a part of us that is aware of the beauty of life on a very subtle level. Delicate scents such as rose remind us of the presence of angels and beautiful spirits that help us. It is a smell that some say they can detect when angels are near.

Sweet Sage

Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) can be found growing in the Plains of the United States, as well as in some areas of Alberta in Canada. It’s a distinctive green grass, being tall in stature with wide blades and a reddish tone at its base. It has similar properties to sage, and is popularly being used as a purifier of places, objects and people. It is said Sweetgrass helps to encourage positive energy and dispel old and negative vibes. It was often used in Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, where the sweet-scented herb was sprinkled onto the hot rocks to improve the energy inside the lodge, and fill the air with a sweet aroma. Traditionally it was plaited into long braids – ideal for using during cleansing, prayer and smudging – and is still often found sold like that today. Belief has it that when sweetgrass is burned, a prayer is sent to heaven on the smoke. Its properties make it ideal for using in quiet moments of contemplation, as well as when wanting to create an air of purification.


In Native American tradition the smoke of cedar is used to carry prayers to the creator. It is used to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. It also seems that the cedar tree has connections with power and the sun through many varying traditions such as Sumerian legend, Cabalistic lore and Egyptian mythology. Cedar is often associated with breaking the misuse of power or powerful forces that may be having a negative influence. This connects further with Native American tradition where the burning of Cedar is used to help banish nightmares and also to release heavy emotional energies such as depression.


Cedar, Sweet Sage, Sweetgrass, Wild Prairie Rose


12 stokjes per pak


Lengte ca. 25 cm


Ca. 45 minuten

Land van Oorsprong:

Noord Amerika

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